Face Painting


What products do you use?

I like to use top of the range, Kryolan professional face paint as it is water based and hypo-allergenic. It dries fast and offers brilliant colours.

Its among the choice products used on movie sets all over the world.

Hypo-allergenic simply means tested to cause less allergic reactions than other similar products.

Kryolan professional make-up has the Seal of Quality Approval from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). (See Kryolan Professional Make-up on Linkedin) I also use other similarly well known brands like TAG, Diamond FX and Snazaroo.

I personally have not experienced any adverse reactions  using any of these products.

Is it easy to clean the face paint off?

Yes, it is very easy to clean.   I like using a wet wipe to clean the bulk off, and soapy lukewarm water will get rid of the rest.

Can you incorporate the party theme?

Yes, I normally carry a folder with me with my most popular designs from which your guests can choose, but in the case of a themed party - provided that it is not a last minute booking - I will ensure to include at least two designs fitting your theme, making sure to do something special for the birthday boy or girl.

Are there instances you would not paint a face?

Yes, In the case of  evidence of contagious disease like fever blisters, pink eye and chickenpox, also when open scarring is visable.  In some of these cases painting on the hand or arm can be done as an alternative. I also reserve the right to stop painting when confronted with swearing and abuse. Lastly, I love painting young children, but toddlers younger than 3 years old often resist being painted.  I will do my best with these little ones, but painting an upset toddler is almost impossible.


What do you need in terms of space at the party/event?

I need a table with two chairs and some protection from the elements. It is also good to be in a corner somewhere, out of the way of too much traffic and noise.
At big parties I like to work with a number system, so everyone does not have to queue up:)

How can my business benefit from face painting?

Book an hour and a half worth of face painting as a promotion to draw attention to your business. Where the kids go their parents follow:)

What languages do you speak?

I am fluent in English and Afrikaans

What are neon colours used for?

Kryolan's range of neon colours shine under neon lighting, please ask in advance. It forms part of my regular service, but I need to ensure I have the colours you need.

What are your rates?

My rates may vary from one event to another. Please contact me for a quotation. Reasonable traveling costs apply depending on your location.

Can we book more than one face painter?

Corporates Functions often require more than one face painter. I am part of an informal network of dedicated face painters, and will be able to assist. Formal quotations available upon request.